Home Staging Tips for Real Estate Photography

Your first showing is online.  Use our carefully curated list of top tips for preparing your listing for the day of the photo shoot.

We’re here to capture your property at it’s best, so here’s 16 quick tips to prepare your home for a photo shoot.


Hide any unnecessary piles of papers, trinkets, tissue boxes, toys, pet bowls, coat racks, alarm clocks, perfume bottles, and anything else that’s loose and not essential to a home.


It’s easier for a buyer to see themself in your home if your stuff isn’t everywhere.  Take down family pictures, trophies, personal decorations, refrigerator magnets.  All those small things that make a house a home.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers go a long way in photos.  Stop by your local florist or farmers market and pick up a few vases worth of tasteful flowers appropriate for your home.

Fresh Paint

This is going to be great for your open house and showings, so after you take down those family photos cover up all those nail holes, patch it up, and slap on a fresh coat of paint for your home’s big day.

Replace Light Bulbs

We are going to turn on ALL the lights when we take photos, so we’re going to notice the burnt out bulbs.  Pro Tip: make sure all the lights are the same color temperature.

Clean Windows

AND mirrors.  AND shower doors.  We’re going to open those windows up so any sunspots are definitely going to get noticed.  Hard water spots, too.  

Open Doors & Windows

We’re going to open all the doors and windows during the shoot, so make sure nothing is obstructing them and they can open cleanly. Check the door for fingerprints around the knob.

Lights On

Turn on all the lights.  As photographers we need all the light we can get, so make sure they’re all working because they’ll be in the shot.  If we’re doing twilight shots, this goes for exterior lighting, too.

Remove Furniture

Remove any furniture that’s cluttering up a room.  This might be stools, foot benches, coat or shoe racks, exercise equipment, small tables, standing mirrors, laundry hampers, etc.

Toilet Seats

Close ’em.

Clean Up Cables

If the area behind your TV or stereo or desk is a rats nest, clean up or remove all the cables for a cleaner look.

Remove Floor Mats

Buyers want to see the floors, so remove any kitchen rugs, floor mats, runners, etc.

Clean the Yard

A freshly manicured yard makes a HUGE difference in photographs. Rake the leaves, put away the hose, plant a few fresh flowers, mow the lawn, and put away any gardening equipment.

Hide the Trash

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Hide the trash cans both inside the house and outside the house. We rarely shoot inside the garage, so hide them in there.

Move the Cars

Move your cars out of the driveway and out of the street. Pro Tip: If you live on a busy street, park your car in the street overnight to prevent someone else parking in front of your house.

Make the Bed

Don’t just make the bed, throw some fresh sheets on there and smooth out the wrinkles.  You want your house to look inviting, not lived in.  Make up your bedroom for a special guest, but nicer.

Turn Off the Fans

If you have ceiling fans, turn them all off before the shoot. Movement in the pictures will create blur and unwanted effects.

Clean Your House

It bears repeating. Clean your house or hire a professional to come in and clean it before the shoot. Putting your best foot forward is the best way to sell your house faster and for a higher asking price.